Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Update 1.0

This is going to be short and sweet because although it's 7:30 in the morning and I'm already showered, I'm still incredibly tired and haven't had coffee yet. Me not nice. So quickly for the many of you who were not in the know, Theodore was airlifted to Hopkins yesterday afternoon. I promise for details and pictures later but I thought an update on where we are now is more appropriate. It basically looks like there are either several places of infection and/or collapse in his lungs. It has been nearly impossible to get blood from him. Almost impossible for IV access. I think they've tried for an arterial stick at least 6 times with no success. I shan't even talk about the IV tries.... But right now he has an IV in his head. He has been confirmed with some contagious respiratory virus that may or may not have gastrointestinal issues. They've taken all sorts of nonblood cultures and we're waiting to get the results of those. Right now, Theodore is sleeping comfortably as he did most of the night. He is on the ventilator because he needs the positive pressure right now until his lungs 'pop' open. He had a bit of bloody secretions from his trach and nose but we are attributing that to just some inflammation. We'll see how he does today while he is awake, that is usually when he has some bad episodes (for lack of a better word). Ben and I are enjoying our new digs at the brand new Children's Center. Not really, but it's much nicer than before. I said before that i'm not nice right now, but honestly I feel better than I have in a week. As soon as we got to our local hospital I breathed a sigh of relief that his care was no longer fully in my hands. Right now I'm on a mission to go find some coffee and maybe a Denny's. I promise for a more detailed post later today.

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  1. much much love to you! Praying for strength, wisdom and healing! xo