Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Update 3.0

So far this day has been pretty good. This is day #2 on trach collar instead of vent and he is doing well. They did return him to the vent overnight for extra pressure support but tonight they are going to try to keep him on just the collar. I think he'll do well. They did not get an xray this morning but I hope they get one tomorrow. It will prove to me that he is actually improving and not just building strength to fight this whole thing off again. His mood for the most part has been happy.... until I get here. It's like as soon as he sees me he can no longer have fun. I do not like this. 

Yesterday I tried from 3-7:30 to get him to calm down and sleep. It didn't work. Ugh. Today it only took me about 2 hours to get him to fall asleep. I hope we don't have the same problem this evening. I'm sure he's just as ready to be home as I am.

Speaking of home..... we are not there yet but are closing in. IF he has a good night tonight and  we can get him to base line oxygen and no other new problems arise and his xray looks improved we could be there in a few days. It'd be nice to actually be home for our 9 year anniversary on Thursday. I'm not holding my breath but there is a slight possibility. Just don't let Rambo know.

I'm off to find some food to fill my belly. 

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