Saturday, June 9, 2012

Here we are again. Boo.

This was the view from the helicopter yesterday as we left the shore for the second time by flight in three weeks. 

I did get to ride with Rambo this time.

So that was pretty neat. Considering he was headed back to Hopkins. 

I must admit that the view from the air was pretty nice - while on the shore. Once we got over the bay it got a little less scenic. I took some pictures of that too, but they just aren't as pretty. 

Why are we back here?

Pretty much for the same reason. Theodore was doing really well since we got home on Sunday. However, on Wednesday his temperature started creeping up. Each day it went up a little bit more and by Thursday night he had started breathing slightly heavy. We knew we had a pulmonary appointment on Friday and thought they would do an xray and maybe change his antibiotic due to his new issues. Unfortunately, we didn't even make it to that. Friday morning he turned downhill suddenly with fast labored breathing and high heart rate. I called Ben to come home early because I knew we had to get him to the ER.

Thankfully, he wasn't as in as bad of a condition as he was last time. Because of the fact that he had just come home from a pretty heavy sickness we didn't want to wait. And I'm glad we didn't.

We met the same doctor in the ER that we met last time and she knew we had to get him over the bridge. They didn't bother trying to get an IV or blood cultures because of the lack of success last time. Hopkins was called and they sent the helicopter again.

Why the helicopter this time?

Two reasons 1) What was stated above: how sick he was and how long he was here last time. 
2) Traffic. I'm so glad that Hopkins took that into consideration. It was a Friday in the summer. They knew it would be at least a 4 hour trip both ways if they drove.

Little man with his ear protection on. So cute. Miserable, but cute.

We were sent to the PICU again. An xray was taken and his left lung is completely white. Pnemonia has taken it over and apparently doesn't want to let go. His suctioning need had increased greatly and his oxygen need had also significantly increased. Each time he was suctioned or oxygen was taken away for a few seconds he would desat hard and it was taking him longer and longer to recover. He was put back on the vent for only pressure support again to pop open his lung. Unfortunately last night he continued desating and working yet harder to breathe so he was fully put on the vent. He was extremely miserable this morning but has finally fallen asleep for the afternoon. His heart rate was still high but down to 147 while sleeping which is the lowest we've seen it in days. 

Cultures thus far have all come back clear but his white blood cell count was above 31,000 which is extremely high and implies infection. We just can't find it yet. Cardiology is being brought in just to rule any heart issues out. We can't seem to figure out why this pnemonia is so prolonged. 

So that's where we are. Rambo enjoyed some daddy time this morning.

It helped to calm him down. I hate thinking that today was worse than yesterday but I'm hoping that means that tomorrow will be better. I'm glad we caught this early and hope it doesn't get as bad as last time, but right now he's not doing well. Even with the vent he is tugging so hard. Sleep is good for him. I hope that's how he spends the rest of the day.

Just a note: He is not on the vent because he can't breathe on his own. His breaths are spontaneous. They just aren't effective. The vent is popping his lungs open and letting the oxygen get in as well as giving him about 20-30 extra breaths a minute. 

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