Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I know, right???

"I know, right?" "Yeah, yeah, yeah." "Sure. Sure." "So....."

People, please. VOCABULARY. I'm "just sayin' ". Unfortunately, in my many months spent here I have adopted the last of those sayings. I find myself saying "So...." a lot. Also, I'm harkening younger days and really enjoying saying that "I'm j" when I'm jealous of someone. I shouldn't admit that. Too late now..... But really, people, please use words together that make sense and that don't repeat themselves so as to make a complete thought. 

NOW, here is the way we (me, Rambo, and my mother in law) have been spending the last six days:


A couple of things:
YES - my hair changed color. You know what, I can do whatever I want!! :)
The Rambo sign was made by two wonderful people here overnight. They put a lot of effort into it, and it LOOKS GREAT and was a great surprise. And I have added the red headband that every single "Rambo" sign has had.  
The freaky clowns were NOT my idea. Yes, I did keep that picture small on purpose.
And the video is showing off his newest trick. We thought he was a handful before......

So, (hahaha- just kidding!) My mother in law drove up with me on Friday night when Theodore was transferred so that I wouldn't be alone. She just so happened to be the one who took us to the ER so she was stuck with the job. This appeased Ben and has been quite nice for me to not be lonely on my long days at the hospital. Unfortunately for her, she's stuck here until who knows when. I'm certainly not working on how to get her home- I want company! Plus, we've been keeping ourselves pretty entertained. And that's how I'm leaving that.

Today, most likely, Rambo will be moved to IMC. Yes, the ACTUAL IMC, so I hear. But there have been some new and strange things afoot at the circle K today that have me questioning a few things. In any situation, he is getting out of ICU. We do not have a really clear picture of  what the plan is. Pulmonary has come up and seen him. We have been the hoops with the ICU team and the discharge coordinator about coming home on a vent for night time. Now we just have to get EVERYBODY on board with it. Each time we move it's starting from scratch and that is most definitely starting to get old.

I'll play catch up on here later. I'll give more details and fill in the gaps but for right now Rambo is doing well. Trach collar during the day and vent at night. Still increased oxygen but we will hopefully be working on that soon. 

Enjoy the pictures! Except for the one of the clowns, and have a nice day. Enjoy the sunshine for me.  


  1. I love the video. That is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. And it sounds like, considering the situation, you and Max are having a great time. I'm so glad that you have such awesome company!!!! And I love the hair - what color exactly is it? Is it black or just a super dark brown.

    Hope to talk to you soon! xoxoxo

  2. #1 and clearly, most important- your hair looks fab! Love it :)
    #2 Rambo= adorable! Love, Love, LOVE HIM!
    #3 Yay for wonderful in-laws & especially ones that keep you company :)

  3. I am so happy and relieved to see Theodore bouncing and looking even more adorably sweet then usual. Your hair looks beautiful and sometimes it is just nice for a change in life. At least a change you can control,even a small one. Love the photos. You sure have fantastic caring nurses, physicians and all the others players there. The Rambo sign was awesome. Glad you are not too lonely anymore and hope you all get to go home soon. Sarah Bruns