Saturday, June 23, 2012


It seems the amount of time between hospital visits is getting shorter and shorter instead of longer and longer. 

We are back.

Us at the local hospital. After a few nebs and a good supply of oxygen he was feeling a little better. I am only smiling for the picture. Trust me, I wasn't exactly happy to be there. Accepting it joyfully - almost, but not exactly happy. 

Got a good two full days at home. Then the same ol' same ol' started again. By Friday morning we were using 2 1/2 extra liters of oxygen and Rambo was still sitting in the low to mid 80's for oxygen. There was no way we could meet those needs. His heart rate started going up as well as his temp. 

So we found ourselves back at the ER. Thankfully, the same doctor was there as the two previous times. She was immediately on the phone with Hopkins, knowing the routine. We did avoid a helicopter ride, but only because of an incoming storm. He was put on the vent in the ambulance and brought directly to the PICU.


We were told right before he left our local hospital that he tested positive to RSV. It's not even the season for it, but he's got it? Doesn't surprise me... what can with this boy? But later that night, we were told that it was a false positive and the second test came back negative. So we are thinking it's more of an extended recoup from the first visit. He has yet to leave the hospital with his lungs looking good, so it appears he gets strong enough to last a few days and then gets weak when he doesn't have any extra help. 

Enter the vent.

I'm not sure what the game plan is, but there is talk about being on the vent at night long term. Like for weeks or months. There was also talk of going back to Mt. Washington. I would rather gag on a barbie doll leg then go back there. 

I know that I seem picky. I really do know that. I don't want to go to the "floor". I don't want to go to Mt. Washington. I promise there are reasons for this. It's not because I want to be difficult. Having experienced those places, I know that at a certain point Rambo is just better at home.

I do not think he will be in the PICU long this time. They are going to try him on the portable vent tomorrow and if he does well he can be moved out of ICU. As far as what happens after that, I don't know. The thought of being away from home, kids, family, etc for possibly months is more than I can think about at this point. 

One day at a time. Tomorrow has enough worries of it's own. My life today doesn't necessarily indicate what my life will be like tomorrow. (Thank you, poppy.)

Today at Hopkins. Giving a few smiles and hugs. They have become fewer as the day has gone on but not too bad of a day.

I have also broached the subject of the possibility that he is allergic to dogs. I don't actually think this is the case. He is not having any "allergic reaction" symptoms. But the fact that he is fine for several days and then ends up back at the hospital has caused us to consider everything. It is really the only new thing going on at our house. And Rambo was fine for several weeks after we got our dog. Also, an allergic reaction to a dog couldn't cause a specific virus. But we definitely want to cover our bases. Some docs seem to think it may be a possibility. Others say it's really not likely and this is just a prolonged recovery because of his chronic lung disease. We will mention it to pulmonary and see if they think it's worth getting a test or not. 

I'm seriously hoping it's not because I LOVE my puppy, but at the same time if it's as simple as not having a dog then.........

BUT, I will not worry about tomorrow, I will live in today.

I would like to now take the time to thank a few people who have blessed us so enormously. I will not mention names until I ask if it's okay (and until the thank you notes go out) but I'm pretty sure you know who you are. Through you God provided for us in such a huge way that we were amazed. I actually would never be able to tell you how thankful we are. How much it blessed us. How it was exactly what was needed. THANK YOU. 

To those who have made meals (some of whose dishes are still sitting in my kitchen- sorry) thank you for blessing us. It not only helps give me one less thing to do, but it gives us family time not having to make a meal- we just get to enjoy one together. 

I can not speak to all the ways we have been blessed, and encouraged. You may have noticed a couple :) of comments on a previous post. Thank you for the love bomb! It really is an encouragement to my heart.

Who knows what the future holds? Actually, I know the One who holds the answer to that. I don't need to know the answer. I just hope to rest in His hands and in today. 


  1. What a nice post. You're growing in Christ each and every time you go to Johns Hopkins! You really have it right about living in the moment. One day at a time. Theodore is so adorable. Thanks again for all the posts. On another note, I can very well see why a dog might be harmful to have around due to the condition of his lungs. Tell Ben & send my love and prayers. :) Aunt Linda