Sunday, June 10, 2012

Poopy doop.


I'll start with the good news. For the first visit since we got out of the hospital over a year ago we are off precaution. That means we do not need to wear the masks and gown and gloves any longer. Rambo doesn't have a contagious viral infection. In fact, as far as we know he has no virus at all. The only thing we've come up with is some type of non contagious tracheitis. I am happy to say that I don't have to suit up to go see or comfort little man. Also, his heart rate has ever so slowly been lowering. The vent has been taking some of the stress off his body and allowed his heart to rest. 

Now for the, I won't say 'bad news' but, not great news. His pnemonia is worsening. Apparently we got to the hospital just in time. It started with just his left lung being completely whited out. Yesterday, even though he was on the vent, he started tugging and looking not so great. Another xray was taken and the pnemonia has moved to his right lower lung. His vent settings were turned up pretty high unfortunately he continued tugging. After some valium and tylenol he had a semi-restful night. His morning xray today showed that his pnemonia is still progressing. He is desating pretty severely with each suction and taking many minutes to recover. The plan for today is to switch him over to a cuffed trach. The hope is that it will seal the area around the trach and make the vent more effective by not having any oxygen leaking out. 

Because of his severe desating the room will be filled with doctors to make sure everything goes smoothly. Right now, I'm just thankful that this isn't the room the doctors had to urgently flood into for an emergency. Praying for that family. 

Other than the trach change we really don't have a plan. He doesn't appear to have an infection of any sort that is causing the pnemonia. The tracheitis is a seperate issue. This means there isn't anything we can do to make it go away. If it continues to worsen I'm honestly not sure what that would mean. So I'm hoping the new trach is just the ticket we need to give him the full support his body is requiring.

We came into this thinking he wasn't as bad off as last time. He is clearly making that NOT the case. We're just not fighting a fever this time. We, unfortunately know what we're fighting, just not why or how. I'm hoping today marks the ugliest of the xrays and we'll start to improve from here.    

To all of you over in the Promised Land (and by that I mean specifically the Eastern Shore but also more broadly, anywhere but Hopkins) we'll be holding down the fort here in the PICU room #25. Make sure you do the same. 

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