Monday, June 11, 2012

Short and... stagnant.

Today I will use the word 'fine' to describe how things are going. Not great, but not horrible either. I'm stretching to find some actual good news to report. I suppose the fact that things aren't worse today is a good place to start. And, on a whole, his breathing has been a little slower. 

Other than that, I'm afraid things are looking just as...... stagnant. He is still working hard to breathe- it's actually awful to watch. His heart rate is up again and his sats are sitting low. The plan is to hold fast, keep the course. What else can we do? He's been chock full of Tylenol and  
Valium to keep him comfortable and calm. He's got restraints on his arms so he doesn't pull off the vent, but that only irritates him. We're trying to keep him happy and entertained, but that only goes so far for so long. 

We got lots of pictures today so I'll be sure to put some up as soon as they get downloaded. I don't see us going anywhere for quite some time, so we'll be able to drive the nurses crazy for a little longer. 

Rambo just had a dose of Valium and is finally settling in to watch Looney Tunes. And on that note, "That's all folks."

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