Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Not sure if they're big strides.

Or little ones.

I'm hoping they are little strides that will make a big difference.

Hoping today was the start of the good stuff.


Rambo smiled.

And played. 

Which is a far cry from... 

Where he was two days ago. Picking his nose. He just discovered that.

His oxygen is still turned up. The vent is still giving him high levels of pressure. They slightly weaned the settings down overnight - I know the following may mean little to nothing to most of you but I want to give you an idea of how slightly I mean when I say 'slightly'. They went from 22 over 8 to 20 over 7. (PIP/PEEP) I never got a good idea of how that worked overnight but it was not working for him this morning. He was HIGHLY agitated and was desating the worst we have seen him and taking extra long to recover. So the settings went back up. But after a 4 hour nap and some Valium he woke up in a great mood. He was breathing fast again today, unlike yesterday, but didn't seem to be tugging as hard. Dare I say, he ALMOST looked comfortable while sleeping. Woot! I DO NOT dare to say the 'P' word yet but maybe tomorrow. 

We also tried turning down his oxygen just a touch but that quickly showed it wasn't the right time. SATS dropped from 98 to 91 in a matter of minutes. 

Another stride taken is the start of a new antibiotic. If you know anything about the speciating of bacteria which I'm sure you do then you know it takes a couple of days to find the exact bug that is growing. You start with a broad spectrum, pick an antibiotic that covers the majority of that direction, and wait and hope you have picked the right one. We didn't pick the right one. The final results came back today and the antibiotic he was on, of course, didn't cover his bug at all. So a new one was started today and hopefully that will quickly get his flourishing tracheitis under control. 

Today's xray didn't look any better at all. He still has mucous filled lungs. But they did call in pulmonary to make sure we are doing everything we can to get him better quickly. They also called for him to start OT/PT to start mobilizing him and hopefully moving the stuff out of his lungs as long as pulmonary approves. 

Today was a start.

Bad morning.

Better afternoon.

Hopefully restful, uneventful night. 

It's amazing how his mood affects my outlook. 

This probably shouldn't be.

But it is.

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