Tuesday, June 19, 2012


In no particular order:

I am SO SO SO SO SO SO glad to be home. Okay, that one is in order, but from here on out it's all random.

Operation Clean out the Refrigerator must begin imminently.

Oh my gosh, my puppy is huge. And also a pain to walk on the leash.

Ugh, I forgot how awful our pulsox is.

Corner Carryout still has the best subs eveerrrrr. Thank you, Dad, for reminding me :)

I'm glad I get to read the kids a bedtime story tonight.

Fresh ground coffee is, indeed, as good as I remember. It's possible that was one of the first things I did when I got home.

People are awesome and God is good.

How could I forget how loud it was here again????

Spongebob annoys me just as much at the hospital or at home. 

You cannot deny that Elizabeth Shaw is pretty hardcore.

Sweet tea vodka is as amazing as it sounds.

My kids are awesome. No, the prior thought did not effect this one- I just REALLY think my kids are awesome.

My husband puts up with a lot and somehow expertly and sometimes not expertly rearranges his sleep schedule to be whatever we need. 

Yet again, we are in uber debt to my parents, mother in law and sister in law for all their help these past 12 days.... again....

I feel like I've completely missed May and June.

I hope pnemonia and infections stay FAR FAR away for a VERY long time! 


  1. Just got to say I love your writing & humor. :)

  2. As I watched the videos I saw so much health in Rambo. His roll, grasp and reach tell me he can form and intention and organize his body to follow through with that intention. His leg kicking tells me he is connected to and expressing his internal impulse. Last, but certainly not least, Rambo's sense of safety in your connection with him allows for his wonderful curiosity to shine through and engage in the exploration needed for further developmental health. In reading through your words here I see that you are an amazing mama, your husband is a wonderful papa, and your children are joyful contributors to Rambo's world. I also recognize the village of support that surrounds your family and pray the support is sustained throughout your times of need. In closing, without minimizing the waves of difficulty you and your family ride on this journey, I want to say that when I pray for Rambo I will holding him as a child with special needs who is also bright, vibrant, strong, and healthy.

  3. God is preparing you, Rambo, and your family for something absolutely amazing on your path ahead. Praise Him constantly for your trials, as He wants you to look to Him for strength. Just ask. He is always there to provide! I will pray for you! Much love!