Friday, July 13, 2012

Catch up

This is going to be short but ....

As of yesterday they have gotten Rambo's breathing under control.

As of yesterday they have started letting him "wake up".

As of this morning he is off the nitric.

As of today he has stopped getting the insulin drip. (The picture shows how his poor little toes have been abused- glucose tests every hour).

As of tonight he is down to 30% oxygen. Vent pressures are still high.

Today they went up a little on his heparin and down on the milrinone and dieuretics.

Today I got my first smile of recognition!!! He's not with it a lot but he definitely threw us both a few :)


  1. Brought tears. This makes my heart happy <3 such a sweet blessing that boy is :)

  2. Rambo you impress us all more every day with the power you draw upon to heal and become stronger. May you continue to be watched over always.

  3. So overjoyed with this news. Praise God things have shifted in a new and much better direction. Miss you guys terribly. He is amazing, such a fighter. xoxo