Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I saw this commercial once about cupcake pans....

...it was a ginko.
(just taking a poke at my mother in law.)

Basically everything is up in the air. Our insurance will not cover our stay at JHH for much longer but we cant go home yet because we don't have a vent. And the intermediary place we were going to go to may now not have a bed available. I don't know where we'll go but I have a feeling I may never see home again.

In the meantime.. here are some cute pictures of the little man. Including one of his new haircut.

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  1. With life moments and life journeys we often stop to ask why and move on with no answers in sight. This will always be a situation that turned into an everlasting journey with so many question of why. And the many questions of how... Like how did I never give up... How has he made it this long... How have I stayed strong.... How has he beat all odds put against him.... There is only one answer to both how and why, and that is faith fight and god..... Many people that don't believe would change there thoughts on religion and prayer by rambos story. He was put her for a reason and put in your arms for a reason and you both fight miraculously every single day for a reason, a reason unknown. Don't ever give up as you are an inspiration for mothers and children everywhere and hopefully with your inspirational of strength and the power to push forward, there will be a name and a cure! Love you all and you all will stay in my prayers.