Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oldie but a goodie...

It's actually not an "oldie". What I was going to say was quickie but a goodie but that just didn't seem appropriate.... 

We are headed home today. Finally after 14 days- our longest stay these past few admissions. I have stories to share and frustrations to air, but for now just the pleasant news. Home! 

Theodore is back to baseline everything - no vent. I repeat, no vent, no pressures - just trach collar and oxygen like normal. I hope for good this time. Nothing has really differentiated the past discharges from this one except for the fact alone that we are further away from his original virus that got him extremely ill. And we've been told from the beginning that that is what it's going to take: time. 

He's down for a nap and I need to pack! 

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