Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Its's about time.

I know that an update is desperately needed, but I have very little time with internet access. Hereis an updare in a million words or less:

We are no longer at Johns Hopkins. We have found ourselves yet again at the precipice of hell: Mt. Washington. Okay, thats maybe a little harsh. I've shared my feelings about this place before and don't need to rehash the past. I will just say that we put up a darn good fight but push came to shove and we basically got steamrolled.... right out of Hopkins. Stinking insurance...... or so they say.

I digress. Rambo is doing wonderfully. In fact, he is learning new skills and his strength finally appears to be what it was. We have completed our two days of vent training at home and several times I have given him the shot he will be receiving twice a day for the next several months. Just call me wonderwoman... or Amanda... or lady who likes to toot her own horn. Although, I can't really toot my own horn too much considering the fact that we are where we are. Anyway, you all are letting me digress once again. It's the spaghetti in my brain.

Where was I?

Ah, yes. We are getting super close to going home. Like, we should be headed there early next week. I know I've said it. It doesnt matter - Rambo is going to do what he wants whether I say it or not. He has proven that time and time again.

My mother in law is still with me, who I should say, has also completed the vent training and given the shot. The kids are still with my parents who graciously haven't kicked them to the curb yet. In fact, the kids had a grand time with them last week at camp. In an RV. 5 people in an RV. 3 of those being kids. Not even THEIR kids. (I love you mom and dad.) And it was all fun and games until Israel accidentally ran across a yellow jacket nest and was stung over 10 times.

Awesome. If it's not one thing.....

We also got the results of Rambo's allergy tests and the results are in....... he isn't allergic to anything. Not dogs or cats or pollen or molds (the ones they tested him for anyway). So that leaves us back where we started with not knowing what caused all of this. (Just thinking out loud here, but I still wonder if it was a pulmonary embolism. It just seemed to fit so well. Especially considering the fact that he now has two clots and has never had that issue before...) I guess we'll never know and that's just the way it is.

I, again, have pictures to put up but that will have to wait until another time. Mt. We-want-to-make-things-as-difficult-as-possible has no internet for me to hook into and right now I am back at the Childrens House ready to relax and sleep. I'll try to get them up tomorrow. In the meantime, remember to look both ways when crossing the street. And be careful, the yellow ones don't stop.


  1. So glad to hear this! Not that you're at Mount Washington or have little access. Glad to hear that you're most likely going to be back home next week!!!! (did I say that too loud???)

    Can't wait to see pictures. Missing you!! xoxo

  2. Glad for the update. We are still thinking of you all. We hope you guys get to go home soon too. You have such an amazing family. Like you say, you are truly blessed. looking forward to the photos. Sorry Mt. Washington is so poopy. : ( Sarah Bruns