Friday, August 24, 2012


That is the name of the game this year. I'm talking full blown, easy, ready made, taking it slow simplicity. And I have a few ideas on how I might make that happen... you know, if I actually play them out. Last nights post was all about how my day was anything but simple. Today is a new day. Thus the simplicity begins. I hope.

Starting off on a good note, I am so happy to be snapping pictures away on our camera capturing those wonderful sweet moments of the day. The moments unlike when the dog wakes me up at 4am because he has somehow managed to pull the shotgun case (with shotgun inside) onto his bed and open it and it's now taking up all of his space. Don't ask me how that happened, I honestly don't know. It was impressive though. Albeit, a little unsettling. 

Here is how a few of our days have been spent.

 Such a techie. Ben, look away. This isn't what you think. He absolutely is not holding my phone.

Clothes picked out by children.

Cats sleeping.

Standing!!!... kind of.

Kid playing with dog toy.

Dog playing with kid stuff. And acting soooooo innocent.

Pop's glasses.

Emma's specialty snack: peanut butter and cake sprinkles.

New equipment.

Being adorable.

Bedtime fun.

And that is that, ladies and gentlemen. Focusing on the good.

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