Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's going on??

Not having a convenient internet connection has really cramped my style and in turn, left you all out in the cold. Which may not be that disagreeable to most of you considering our recent heat wave. So for the second time, here is a much needed update.

We are home! Kind of. If you consider the Eastern Shore home, then yes, home we are. And it was a quite a sigh of relief to be here- hopefully to stay. Especially with views like this:

You don't really get that in the city. A concrete jungle is a most accurate description and I'm sure that some prefer that. I, however, will take green anyday. 

Being at our actual house is another story all together. I said before that Theodore tested negative to the allergy tests they ran. That left us with getting our house and equipment tested for anything that might be irritating his system. What did we find?? I really couldn't tell you. Not specifically anyway, but both the house and his equipment were extremely high on the 'particulate' spectrum. Meaning molds and the like. Why this hasn't bothered Rambo before? I'm not sure. Maybe it's all new. Maybe he still didn't fully recover from when he was first really ill with adeno virus in May. Maybe it was something else completely. Maybe it was paired with a pulmonary embolism. Who knows. The point is that now that we know it's there we can't bring him back until it's fixed.  It's not the healthiest place for a normal person to be so someone like Theodore really shouldn't be there.

Again, why we've all been there for years and Rambo the past year without getting ill I don't know.

Ben has been tasked with doing/redoing all of the insulation in our basement as well as killing the mold and waterproofing the whole thing. While he's working night shift. Fun times. Thankfully, his brother was able AND WILLING to come help knock out a good portion of the work. Thank you, Eli. As well, we have a super effective super expensive air purifier that will be kept in Rambo's area to, you know.... purify the air... Just another thing to keep plugged in an running and tripping breakers all the live long day. 

We have yet again descended on my parents home who have willingly agreed to let us stay free of charge :) It's a mess. There is stuff everywhere. Thankfully it's only temporary. Hopefully. 

And on the bright side, our second longest, most costly trip has come to a close. (I hope.) We have spent 79 out of the last 85 days separated, away from home. Bye bye summer. 

Rambo is 'home' on a vent at night to help his lungs recover over the next several months. We have many appointments in the next few weeks and a couple of new meds to give. BUT he is amazing. He is growing and happy and we all love him. 

Here's a few pictures I wanted to get up before... more to come I'm sure.



  1. so sweet <3 Love that chubby cheeked face!!!

  2. Amanda, Amanda, God bless you girl and Ben too! And your parents and my sister & her family. You never know what the season brings. Aren't you glad God didn't show you ahead of time what your summer would look like? I sure hope God has the most wonderful fall & winter for you all. Glad you're back on the shore. Tell Ben, Aunt Linda & Uncle Robert say hello.

  3. Yay!!! Glad you all are back on the shore. Hope poor Ben can gets things patched up without missing too much sleep or being too stressed out. At least you all have family to help out, especially Ben's brother. That is awesome. Sarah Bruns

  4. Amanda, i'm so glad to hear your are back on the eastern shore and that Rambo is doing well. It's an answer to prayer a long prayer. Thank the Lord. So glad my son-in-law was there to help. thanks to Eli. Grateful to you parens for helping out. God bless them, and you all too.

  5. Cannot wait to see you and him. <3!!!