Thursday, September 27, 2012


Planned admissions are fantasies.


At least the thought that they are more expedient and organized is a fantasy. A 12 hour wait in the local ER verifies that for me.


The important news is that Rambo is fine...... basically. You may remember that I said a week or so ago that he was requiring his vent more and more. It finally got to the point where it was almost full time. A few calls to pulmonary, an xray, and a rather frustrating evening waiting on call backs we were told we would most likely need to come to Hopkins immediately but not emergently, and to keep him exclusively on the vent. I have no idea what the xray actually showed because one doctor told me it looked WORSE than the one in July ( you know, when he almost died), one said there was only a tiny bit of collapse, and another said we needed to be in the hospital. 

All of that being said, we ended up getting a call the next morning saying we needed to go to our local hospital and get transported to Hopkins as a planned admission. 

Fine. But of course it didn't work that way. Because Theodore wasn't emergent we kept getting bumped back on the list. Understandable, but it made for a LONG day. We almost went home once but pulmonary told us we needed to stay. So finally a little after 1am the transport team was able to make it to us. We got to Hopkins around 3:30 and crawled into our beds very willingly at 5am. 

Then we crawled out of them a little unwillingly at 10:30 to get back to the hospital.

Today Rambo is doing really well. Figures. He has been on his trach collar all day and doing well. His secretions stink to high heaven but they are at least coming out as opposed to staying in his lungs and festering. The thought is that the tracheitis has never quite been squashed. It's looking at the moment like this may be our shortest stay yet. I forsee us out of the PICU in no more than 2 days. 

I am tired and am HIGHLY looking forward to sleep tonight. And I'm pretty certain the streets of Baltimore will be glad I'm not driving on them again at 3:30am.

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