Friday, September 14, 2012

Your kisses are sweeter than honey.

Hello, all. It's been a little quiet on the homefront here. And by 'homefront' I mean only this here blog. My actual home front has been quite busy. You see, we started school on Monday.

Big mistake!

And by that I mean the idea of homeschool altogether. No, not really. :) Despite the constant groanings, attitude adjustments, and schedule (yuck!) it hasn't been too terrible. I've even had to set the kids straight a few times. Get it?... because I was talking about myself..... .......

In all seriousness, I was desperately hoping to avoid attitudes until at least the second week but they showed up in full force on Monday morning. Nothing a daddy talk couldn't resolve though and the rest of the week was much better. 

I really believe that deep down I enjoy homeschooling. It's honestly not even that deep down that I have to search. I know why we homeschool. I like that we homeschool. I even really want to homeschool. But in truthfulness, those moments when I'm battling back talk and beeping and dog walking I wish all the way to my bones I had shoved those kids on a bus that morning and been done with it. "See ya in eight hours, kids. Momma's gonna go get the 'special' coffee." But I suppose it is that way with every mom facing this thing or that.

All that being said, our first week was a great success and I hope the second goes just as smoothly. I look forward to a great year with these kiddos.

Rambo has also been equally as time consuming. He's crawling. Enough said. I am CONSTANTLY readjusting and silencing and...... the list goes on and on. He's also been battling tracheitis. I said a few posts back that he was going to the doctors because of that and needing to be on the vent more than usual. 


It was pointless.

The doctor had him on the wrong antibiotic.

For 10 days.

So now he has started what is hopefully, and SHOULD be (according to his pulmonary doc), the right medicine. Everything should start to clear up soon.

And with that being said, I am going to bed. It's Saturday tomorrow and I get to sleep in get up at the same time I do every morning.  Happy sleeping.   


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