Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I SHOULD be....

I bet you'll never guess that she's excited. It's because we SHOULD be doing school work but the oldest is still asleep. And how can I say no to THAT? It's pretty ridiculous, but she makes me laugh so she wins. 

I can't even tell you how much these girls are like their dad. But here is the proof so I probably don't have to say anything. Pray for me. :)

Now onto Rambo, who I don't have any decent pictures of because he never stops moving. NEVER. STOPS. MOVING. He is doing great! Woot! He fought through last weeks fevers and sickness like a champ. (So did all the kids, actually. I seriously couldn't ask for better kids.) He is doing far better this week and my hopes are that he'll stay that way.

We went to a cardiology appointment yesterday. (Thanks to my friend Ashley we were actually able to make this one! And we tore the place down! Or up.. or whatever the saying is.....) Rambo had an EKG and an echo and we were given the good news that things appear stable. Holler! I did ask the cardiologist a question about Theodore's heart rate. I've noticed that just in the past week it has taken a huge jump down of about 20-25 bpm at all times. When I asked her if it was normal she said, "Hold on. Rambo? Normal? Don't be silly." Yes, his reputation precedes him. So we went with 'acceptable' instead of 'normal'. And all is well. His heart rate is slightly below the norm when he's sleeping but she is not concerned. However, if it drops about 10bpm more than we should have him checked again. 

There is a lot in the works here with behind the scenes stuff concerning Rambo: nursing companies, nursing hours, pediatricians.... And hopefully soon I'll have news on those fronts. Let me clarify. Hopefully soon I'll have GOOD news on those fronts. 

For now I think it's about time to wake up Israel, who I can't believe is still asleep, and get some school started. Unfortunately, it has to be done.    

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