Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sleep is a wonderful thing. I love sleep. I LOVE sleep. It never fails to be the one thing that I look forward to at the end of the day. And, usually, the one thing that gets interrupted. (Okay, not true. As a mom, most things that are not completely kid centered tend to get interrupted.) It is the one thing I don't get enough of. And it is the number one thing that I have been choosing over everything else lately. 

NAPS ARE WONDERFUL. Said my husband never. But he's obviously a communist, so what does he know? I, however, say it all the time. And I mean it. Won-der-ful. 

Sleep > housework.
Sleep > homework.

This is my mantra lately. And I think it's because I haven't been getting much of it. I'm not really sure why but I've had trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, falling back asleep when I wake up at 3am. 

Theodore has not had the same problem.

No. Whereas I would give anything to lay my head down and sleep peacefully for 8 hours.... or an entire day... he would rather fight sleep. Although, I must say that its generally a delightful fight and not so much awful. GENERALLY. Don't kid yourselves- he can be a nightmare. As was the case 2 nights ago. Obviously not when these pictures were taken.

In a perfect world I would go start schoolwork now so that I could take a nap in a few hours. Then maybe make some food and do a load of laundry so I can take another nap and still feel accomplished and have a dust free house. Not really. In a perfect world I would have enough money to be able to hire a housekeeper and a private tutor. And a full time nurse. So this would be more of a realistic perfect world. 

I say "Naps for everyone!" I hope you all get to enjoy one today. Except for you, Ben. 

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