Friday, October 26, 2012

That's all part of the experience, honey.

I'm not sure if lately I've come across as frustrated or not. I don't mean to be. And although my facebook posts may be entertaining, they are, unfortunately, true. And 99.95% of my frustration has to do with the nursing company. We have been up and down so many times with them I can't even tell you. Being promised a nurse and then not getting one. Changing our schedule around because we were told it would, without a doubt, make it possible for us to get a nurse. Orienting a nurse who says she'll be back and then changing her mind. Nurses showing up late - like half an hour to an hour and a half late... and not being apologetic at all. Someone calling and asking me where the nurse was but the only information they give me is that she missed her exit. As though there is only one exit between here and Baltimore. 

It is never ending. It is so ridiculous, in fact, that I feel like God has got to be showing me something, but all I can come up with is that people are stupid. Really stupid. I'm not so certain that's what He has in mind.

But I'm still convinced it's true.

And it is having a negative affect (affect? effect? I don't know) on me. I am so scatterbrained; more so than usual. That is not good. There isn't too much wiggle room in that area for me. I'm misplacing stuff, I'm short tempered, I'm tired, I'm forgetting what I'm doing mid doing it. And I am busy. A lot of it stuff that I want to be doing which is leaving less time for the things that I need to be doing.

And, honestly, who needs a broken dishwasher during a time like this?! It's a crisis, people. Plus, I missed the stinking trash pick up again. Dang. I have cardboard boxes piled out the wa-freaking-zoo. All in time to get soaked and scattered in a hurricane. Awesome. 

Here I go again being negative. So my quest for contentment continues. Right now in the mess and muck. Right here in the hard and helpless. Counting 1000 gifts in my journey to joy. Actually, I'm almost halfway there! 

#434. $2 books.
#435. Children sleeping in
#436. Hardees taco salad from my dad.
#437. Dog acting well with visitors. (you know, before he pooped on my floor)
#438. A good night's sleep.
#439. Aloneness with God - even if forced.
#440. Theodore's perfect hearing!
#441. A finished painting. 



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