Monday, October 22, 2012

The boy... on a mission to go without oxygen. Which WOULD be great if he actually could. Alas, his body just isn't ready for that yet. But I will tell you that if I thought I was busy before.....


There is no stopping this child. He is fast as lightning. He's practically kung fu fighting. His tubes don't go across the room but his body does. It's constantly moving his stuff from one outlet to the other. There and back again. (Lord of the Rings, anyone???) 

See those marks at the top of the entertainment stand? Yeah, those are teeth marks. He is chewing on EVERYTHING. As long as it's wooden or paper and clearly not a toy or something appropriate for his mouth. He chews on the side of his crib and ends up with paint chips in his mouth. We even gave him a potato today to gnaw on and he wouldn't touch it.

You are silly if you think he's going after that brightly colored box. It's wires. Wires! All the time! All.The.Time. I'm not sure how he's going to make it to his second birthday without electrocuting himself. But it will be a miracle if he does.

The only way to keep him under control and CONSTANT watchful eye is to contain him. Like, I literally put a big plastic container over him. He's lucky if I throw in a toy or two, maybe a potato, and call it a day.

Okay, it's not exactly a big plastic container but it does have buckles and you know I use them. I also use the tv. You can't make me feel bad. I have four kids. FOUR. 

FOUR. The tv is a God send as far as I'm concerned. And let's be honest, his attention span is that of maybe an episode of spongebob. I'll take it.

It's crazy. CRAZY I tell you. He will not be stopped. 

On the bright side, he will not be stopped. This boy has not let anything get in his way from doing what he wants. And thank God he actually wants to do things!! And somehow we have still managed to fit a few fun things in there as well.

Like fall wreath making.

Which he, of course, had to be a part of.

And currently he is chasing Israel around the living room. It is fun and busy times at our house. And Rambo's newest habit - chewing on his G tube especially during his feedings. Which always ends with the medicine port coming open and food going onto his clothes and chair instead of into his belly. Yuck. 

This week Theodore is having a few procedures. We leave EARLY Wednesday morning and hope to be home that same day. Do you remember that post I wrote a while back about a procedure that was supposed to be done but wasn't? Well, this is take two. And HOPEFULLY this time it's all worked out. It is still set up as 'outpatient' but since it's in the new Children's Center they are set to handle all of the issues and concerns that might arise with someone like Theodore. Or so they say. But we know how that goes.  

Don't we?

Nope. Not at all.

Anyway... they have requested a bed for admission if the need arises. My hope is that it won't. It's in the early morning, so even if a little longer recovery is required I still hope to be leaving by late afternoon. Thus far things have gone smoothly in getting him ready. Even the one thing that I thought would be a hiccup has turned out to be completely fine. He is still on a blood thinner from the clots he had this summer.

Poor buddy. His legs are torn up. But we got the okay from his hematologist to stop the shots the day before and start the day after.

And we should have definitive results from this hearing test at the end of the day Wednesday. 

I'll keep you posted, as always. In the meantime enjoy a few more pictures of some dandelions.

I may be slightly obsessed at the moment. But they were so pretty with the sun shining on..... Nevermind.

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