Monday, November 12, 2012

A Walk to Remember.

History was made. Our first walk together.

A wonderfully warm day in November plus bored kids and a bored momma equaled doing something new.

 It might seem trivial. Or maybe you're wondering why we've never done it before.

 And it's hard to explain except that it's just never been time.
It's not that it's too hard or inconvenient (although those do play a role certain days).

It's not that we like staying inside all of the time.
 It was just never...... possible.

 Until yesterday.

And it was fun. 

A breath of fresh air... literally. With Theodore doing so well lately we are just starting to see certain things as possible. Not easy. But possible.

And it helps to take the 'edge' off of things that aren't going quite right. 

So thank you, warm day in November, for coming. Please come again soon.

By the way, the girls wanted to match on their own. There was no mom persuasion or anything. They just decided they wanted to be twins. Thanks, Aunt Ellen and Uncle Larry, for the dresses!

***And a huge THANK YOU to our veterans. Thank you for fighting for my freedom. Thank you for going where not everyone goes. And doing what not everyone does so that everyone can enjoy.***

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  1. That is wonderful!!!! So glad you could do that :) such adorable kiddos!