Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I got the name wrong.. It was the Sainato's that blessed us with dinner not the Sainapo's. Although, I'm sure somewhere in the world the Sainapo's blessed somebody with something, I want to say thank you to the SainaTo's. We are still eating left overs :) And I won't attribute any of the blame to my mom... I think it was a phone misunderstanding. Are you happy now, mom? :) :)

Now onto today: We finally got the tests done that have been slightly evading us. Ultrasound: check. Xray: check. We do have some more lab work to do but we haven't received the paper work for it yet. This Thanksgiving break I planned is turning out to be a little busier than I expected. Less staying at home with the kids baking and relaxing and more running into town a bajillion times a day. The good news, though, is that Rambo's ultrasound looked good. His blood vessels have seemed to clear any and all clots so we can stop the blood thinner. I repeat, he will be getting no more shots twice a day! That is until he gets another blood clot and almost dies like this summer, but whatever.... Let's hope that's not the case.

I haven't heard back about the xray yet, but hopefully we will get the information we need to schedule an appointment with the orthopedist. I feel like every day I look at him stand his feet get worse and worse. But there is a bright side, kind of, to this too - Rambo is starting to move from place to place when he stands. It takes a lot of assistance but he is no longer happy to only stand in one spot. I hope he is physically capable to do as he clearly desires. He keeps amazing me.

The dog is now calling my name to walk him so I must run.

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