Tuesday, November 13, 2012

That 'not quite right' stuff.

I mentioned yesterday about how that nice walk we had helped to give a fresh look, or at least a moments rest, from some things that have recently been discovered with little man. *I say recently, but in actuality I have been mentioning this for a LONG time. Just never got anyone to agree or explore it.*

His feet.

That's how he stands. Even when he was a little baby I noticed that there was no real definition between his feet and legs. It was almost like he didn't have ankles; like his legs just rolled into his feet. And for a long time, although I mentioned it, it was clearly NOT an issue to be dealt with at the time. Makes sense, lets work on keeping him alive first. But I still said something. Then as he got older I said more to more people and I still didn't get a lot of concern. But now that he has finally started standing people are saying "Hey, that's not right." Whatever... as long as it's finally being addressed. 

Our first order from the physical therapist was to try high tops to offer support to the ankles. And my mother in law just so happened to find a pair of baby high tops that same week.

Big pimpin'.

So we started him wearing those immediately. And believe it or not he didn't mind at all. And it appeared to be helping to offer his feet and ankles the support they needed. Yay! Something is helping!


The physical therapist came yesterday and said it looks to her like when he is wearing them it does indeed give him foot support but it hyper extends his knees. Great, we were only putting him in them every day. So she said to immediately stop having him wear them until we see at least our pediatrician or on orthopedist. 

It always seems to be that way with Rambo. To help one part you have to hurt another. I can just see him in full out Forest Gump leg braces. It makes me feel a little sick. Just knowing from the beginning something was wrong. Knowing that there really is only a small window of opportunity to fix things and hoping we haven't missed it. 

There is always something. Always.

And on top of that, developmentally in gross and fine motor skills he's around the 9-10 month mark. He will be 2 in 32 days. That hurts my heart. :( He's not signing, or coloring, or rolling a ball. He's not dumping things out and putting them back in, he doesn't understand cause and effect. 

I wish so much that I had more time, more resources to spend on him. More ways to be proactive and immediate. More one on one. But I don't. And I know that's just the way it is, but it doesn't make the reality of it any easier. 

We see his pediatrician tomorrow and maybe he'll know something we don't. Or maybe it's not as bad or drastic as it seems. I hope.


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  1. Keep being strong and know that you are one of the best mommies and Ben is one of the best daddy's around. Hopefully, something good will happen that does not have also a negative effect as well. Sarah Bruns

  2. Little known fact: I wore Forrest Gump braces as a toddler. I was terribly pigeon-toed. I am no longer pigeon-toed and suffered no lasting psychological effects from the hardware. So, there's that! Keep your chin up, love.