Thursday, November 1, 2012

The joy of preparedness.

Actually, getting prepared is not joyful at all. I despise it. There is nothing about it that I like and I am certain there never will be. And, lucky me! I now have to always be prepared for the worst. That is not a simple task. To take all the kids somewhere overnight is bad enough, but then you have to account for all of Rambo's stuff. Including the stuff that he never needs but he most certainly will the one time you leave it behind. And an extra one of EVERYTHING. It took 3 full carloads to get to my parents house- and I only packed for about a 3 day stay. 

With Hurricane Sandy coming we knew we needed to move to a place that was less likely to lose power because our house ALWAYS loses power. Better to move beforehand than during or after. And wouldn't you know that the one area in our electric company's district to NOT lose power during the storm was Cordova. It would figure. Next week, our dog will fart and we'll be out of power for 4 hours, but it can withstand hurricane force winds and rain. Whatever. So all the packing and preparing was for naught. And as much as I hate to say it, it's better to be prepared.

I am super thankful that the damage done here was not as bad as was predicted and I'm sorry for the areas that were devastated.

Here is a little glimpse into how we weathered the storm.

Looking at himself - always his favorite.

Movies and naps.


And more hugs.




Figuring this thing out.

  NaBloPoMo November 2012 (Joining up for the first time! Here goes nothing...)

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