Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Although, I can't really say that it feels like Thanksgiving. But what does Thanksgiving feel like anyway? It will be nice to be with the family for sure. And I'm sure the food will be delicious. The kids will have fun and talking to adults will be enjoyable. I really do look forward to it. It just, unfortunately, feels like any other day. But maybe it won't tomorrow. Maybe I'll wake up with excitement and joy and be ready to embrace Thanksgiving. I feel, however, like it will pass by, us in the trenches... making it another day...

This is not a sad post though, or a pity one. Just honest. I'm trying to target my inner Thanksgiving and it's eluding me. 

We did do some Christmas shopping today (I know! Who speaks of Christmas before Thanksgiving????) and it was very productive. And quite fun being together as a family. Rambo was left at home with the nurse and I was welcomed home to a gaggle, literally a gaggle, of wires. Which I'm not terribly sure how she accomplishes since she leaves him in his seat 65% of the time. But somehow she does. It's so interesting how someone can be completely thorough in one area and completely obscure in another. In the end it's only wires. Who cares, right?

No, wait.. I definitely care. But I wish I didn't.

So, Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone! Stay safe and warm. Spend time together tomorrow. Until we meet again.....

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