Monday, November 5, 2012


Yesterday was all about Ruthie's birthday.

Yes, yes, I know it's passed, but she finally got to do the ONE THING she has been asking to do for the last six months: go to Chuck E. Cheese with Uncle Eli. Why she picked him, I do not know :), but she did. And he was gracious enough to take her and the entire Taylor clan to enjoy a day just for Ruth. (Maybe that's why she picked him....)

She was not excited at all. 

Of course she was. It's literally been the only thing on her mind for months and the past week was solely a countdown to Sunday. 

So we packed up the kiddos and hit the road for some tokens, pizza, and fun.

And, boy, did they have fun.

...and fun...

                     ....and fun....

                                     ...and fun...

                                                             ...and fun.

There's more pictures up in The Fam tab if you haven't been inundated with enough yet. So, basically, Taylor family, I'm talking to you. 

Have a lovely evening, everyone. It's grilled cheese and tomato soup over here on this abnormally cold night. And don't forget to vote tomorrow! I will personally bring you a thermos of hot chocolate if you wait in the poll lines. 

Not really.

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