Sunday, November 18, 2012

Will not.

*chanting* I will not miss another day. I will not miss another day. I will not miss another day. 

If I can make it through November and only miss 1 post that will be quite impressive, but seeing as how we are only half way through I'm not sure what the chances are. Anywho....

This weekend was full but nice. Family time, friend time.... And I have made the executive decision for the kids to be off school for this entire week. Thanksgiving break just got serious, yo. Tomorrow we have quite a bit of running around to do for Theodore; ultrasound, xray, prescriptions, yada yada yada. But as long as the nurse actually shows up this time (instead of calling 20 minutes AFTER she is supposed to be here asking if we can change the day. She actually thought through and manipulated an entire situation which is frustrating but pointless to get worked up about. Ugh.) we should be able to accomplish it all. And if all goes well then Rambo should end up on one less medicine (blood thinner) and have an appointment with one more doctor (orthopedist). Apparently, to see this one doc about scoliosis you have to have an xray and already know the degree of curvature to even make an appointment. Fair enough.

So that's what I will be doing tomorrow. Hopefully it will be fruitful. 

I'm trying to think of something else to say because I have the iron turned on in the other room waiting for me to press Ben's uniform pants for tomorrow and I am really unmotivated right now to do that. I suppose I could see if I could write a slightly longer run on sentence than the previous one.... that could get boring though. But it wouldn't be ironing.... Choices, choices.

Alright, I will be the good wife and do it. I mean I am like 24% of the reason Ben looks squared away at work. Or I will be if I ever get these pants done.      

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