Thursday, December 6, 2012

Maybe a slow one...

Okay, so my start back to blogging has been a little slower than I hoped, but it IS a start. Christmas shopping is slowly winding down (thanks Ashley and Carrie for watching the kiddos last night so we could do that). The house is decorated.. the inside anyway, no outside lights for us this year. Which means the electricity bill will only go up 50% instead of 100%. :) 

Christmas season is upon us whether I'm ready for it or not. 

"It's Christmas, and we're all miserable." 

In Rambo news - actually, there is really nothing new. He's being just as amazing as ever. Just as adorable as ever. Just as happy and joyful as ever. But now, more destructive than ever. He is ruining everything. Literally. If it's not going in his mouth, but most likely it is, it's being wound around and pulled. His pulsox is working even less because of all the moving he does. It's almost not worth having on him all day, but I can only take it off when I am right there with him. Although, in reality it's usually blanked out numbers and beeping because he puts so much wear on them so fast. We get four a month and lately we've only been making them last about 2 days each.... that math doesn't quite add up..... but we will make do.

The little ones are all now rising which means I need to get breakfast on the make. I don't think we can keep having mornings of goldfish and chocolate chips.... (yes, that was an actual breakfast they had a few days ago.) My motto about meals lately has been : If you can find it you can eat it. I think that's maybe not a good idea to continue....

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