Monday, December 3, 2012

Of sorts...

I have been on a hiatus, of sorts, lately but this is the start of me getting back into this. I would say maybe the nablopomo2012 did me in, but in reality, I think life just got the upper hand and I let this slide. No longer, I say!!

Rambo has been doing really well lately. He even came with us this year to the Christmas tree farm as we picked out our tree. I do think he has some tracheitis brewing, but nothing that is keeping him down. So my plan for this month? Cancel all his appointments and reschedule for after the new year. Seriously. I'm doing it. I am going to enjoy this month with no trips over the bridge (hopefully they'll be avoidable) and no working out kid care, and caretaker, and driver and blah blah blah. It shall be divine.

Now for some very important news. Theodore is walking while holding onto something. Whether its cruising the length of the ottoman or the entertainment center or going around the inside of his crib, this boy is moving. It makes my heart smile. It really does. His feet are still wonky but he is making it work. And on that note, we got a call about his back xray and they said it was negative for scoliosis. That is good news - as long as its accurate. 

So, my friends, thank you for the welcome back. I hope to never leave you for too long again. Enjoy this beautiful day in December! 


  1. I SO loved holding sweet, lovable Theo in my arms in REAL LIFE (because I've done it in my imagination many times over)! I continue to keep each and every member of your beautiful family in my thoughts and prayers. Much love, Aunt Nanci

  2. That is fantastic! Have agreat month of being hospital (hopefully) free. Enjoy all that you have and this terrific season. Welcome back, Amanda. Sarah Bruns

  3. PLEASE don't ever leave!! We love, and need you too much! Xooxoxox praying for you and yours as always Xooxox