Friday, January 4, 2013


More like desperate plea.

We have four kids. One- Rambo(Theodore), the star of this blog, is quite a handful.
We get, at best, 8 hours of nursing a night for him.
Day time nursing is shoddy to non existent (at the moment it's non existent with no hope of existence) We've been without a daytime nurse (and even when we DO have one it's only 21 hours a week) since the week before Thanksgiving.
I can't travel without another adult with him.
He can't be left with a regular babysitter.
Doctors appointments are a pain - even hitting the grocery store is no longer an option (thank you, mom for taking that on!!!!) 
Getting out with him is nearly impossible.
Getting out without him is unheard of.

The other three kids are wonderful (not saying Theodore's not because he's pretty much awesome).
And are also homeschooled. Public school was not an option for us because of personal convictions (I do know a lot of public school teachers and I think you're all quite amazing. I can barely - and sometimes don't- keep my head on straight with 3. I can't imagine a class of 10 or 20...)  and private school is just too expensive.
My husband is a police officer who works shift work. Our only somewhat steady schedule is the month he is on night shift; which means he sleeps during the day. And even then it's subject to court or training.

When my husband and I do get out, it's usually not together.

  I live my life around everyone else and at everyone else's convenience because I have to.

       Our dog is retarded.

            All of my house plants have died.

                 Electricity bills are always behind because T's equipment runs all.the.time.

                      I can't stay on top of the housework and kids education.

                           We (kids included) only see the inside of our house.

                                We haven't had a vacation in 6 YEARS! (My husband and I vacationing alone together happened last on our honeymoon 9 1/2 years ago . Minus one glorious overnight 5 years ago.) 

                                     We love the beach but Theodore can't be anywhere near sand.

                                          My children eat chocolate chips and goldfish for breakfast for crying out loud!!!!

**********************deep breath********************deep breath*********************

You may be wondering what my desperate plea is for?? :) Or maybe not at this point..... 

I am seriously asking for help. Everyone keeps telling me just to ask so I am asking. If there is anyway you can help or any resources that you think may be helpful or that we haven't heard of - PLEASE let me know. 

Most importantly, we need people trained with Theodore. He is absolutely loving and wonderful, but there's a lot to know. Now is a good time because he has been extremely healthy since this summer so I'm not concerned with anything major happening. Of course, that's always a crap shoot....But we seriously need people we can count on to be available and to confidently watch our sweet little man. (So we can stop calling my mother-in-law and give her a break :) )

How can you turn that face down??????

Secondly... I am tired. The end of 2012 really took a toll on me and our family as a whole. Some consistency in our lives would be great. Whether it's watching the other kids, homeschooling them for a day even, helping with housework, bringing dinner, letting me and Ben get out together, ANYTHING that would bring some consistency - once a week- once a month - once a year.

I am not usually one to reach out so this is waaaaaay out of my comfort zone but we are....... desperate. There are so many ways and so many things that would help take some pressure and weight off of us. I'm not asking for a private school education fund or an all expense paid trip to Disney World (although I wouldn't turn those down....) but I am asking for help.

So if you are willing, or have an idea, or will pray about how you can help, please let me know.


Or call me if you have my number.


I'm everywhere... you can find me. PLEASE find me :)




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