Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Mommy Syndrome

It's supernatural really.

It's how everyone in the house gets sick and mommy makes it through less blasted than the rest.

It's quick recoveries.

It's a blessing and a curse simultaneously.

The past few weeks have been quite up and down in this house. One day everyone is fine, the next someone has a fever. A cough has been about the only persistent thing. It starts with one victim then moves onto the next and by the time it's made it's rounds, something new has come in. 

It's cray cray.

Thankfully, everyone has kept their spirits high. And today is actually a great day. There have been no fevers in days and the kids are well. The problem the past few days has been Ben. 

Who does that surprise??? 

Poor guy doesn't have a fever but is on the cusp of pnemonia. As well as his ears and sinuses being infected. We got a double antibiotic from the doctor yesterday and he finally got his first night's sleep in about 4 days. 
He's m i s e r a b l e.

And where does all this leave mommy? Doing what mommy does best - taking care of everyone. If you have a fever or pnemonia YOU DON'T TOUCH THEODORE. It's an abomination. That immediately has taken Ben out of the equation. The kids have also had minimal contact because of their stuff, but thankfully they are now back in the picture to help. And somehow, mommy, who was fighting sickness for a day and a half has miraculously come out the other side better rather than worse (the blessing part) and is taking care of everyone as well as the normal stuff that needs to be done (the curse part.) But I must say that I prefer it that way. I honestly do not envy Ben. Plus, we're women... we can handle it. :)

Although, I do think I'm going to have a serious talk with *Pudge about this crazy weather. 20 degrees to 70 degrees to snow? Honestly. I don't think that's helping anyone around here. Could you please pick something and stick with it? 

Still, Theodore has managed to be able to stay away from the doctors and hasn't needed any extra medicine... yet. I'm hoping for the best. Today, we will all enjoy feeling good (except Ben) and have the hap -hap- happiest Saturday since... well, since the last Saturday we felt well.

*Pudge controls the weather. - Lilo and Stitch 


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