Saturday, March 23, 2013

I heard it through the grapevine... much longer will [they] by mine?

Unofficially, I heard yesterday that we are in danger of losing some of our nursing hours. Now, as of yet, my case manager and her supervisor have heard nothing of it, but the nursing company caught wind of something or other. Whether or not any of it (and who even knows what 'it' really is) is true or not I can't be certain. But I can say that it most likely is. That's usually the way these things go. I am led to a few conclusions:

1) It will probably be our hard earned 21 global hours per week they would take, which would leave us with only night time nursing. 

2) It's most likely because we have not been able to use those hours, not because we don't need them but because the agency has not been able to fulfill them.

3) If this is the case, I'm hoping it works in our favor that we have contacted several other agencies in the past few months to try and get our hours filled.

4) Once you lose hours it is nearly impossible to get any back.

5) I will actually kill someone if this happens. And there are a few people on my bad list right now so I have my choice in taking that pleasure where I choose. Watch your back, people. 

In all seriousness, please say a prayer that we would not lose any hours. We have worked so hard to secure them and desperately need to keep them. 



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