Friday, March 29, 2013

Um..... WHAT???

I am speechless.

Yeah, enjoy it. If you've learned anything about me through the course of this blog then you will know that I generally have something to say. This is a rarity.


I have been meaning to write a thank you to everyone who has helped since I put up my plea post. So many people genuinely stepped up and have continued to step up to help with all sorts of things! It has been a true blessing. What I realized today has spurred me on to write this thank you.

I'm not sure who you are (and I'm really hoping it's not a big fat mistake) but you know who you are. Oh, yes you do. THANK YOU. We are stunned. And absolutely, completely speechless. Except for these 100 words or so. We really pray that God blesses you big time. 

Humbled, grateful, surprised, blessed.......

And to everyone who has helped watch the kids, clean a room, brought us food - a ready made meal or groceries-, sent cards, however you have reached out I want you to know that you have genuinely helped us feel like we can actually live. That is not an understatement. Please read it again. We have, for the first time in two years, really felt like we have a life. It has been so nice; to not have to worry about how to get to the doctors, to not have to cook a meal, or grocery shop, to get the kids places, to know we are thought of, to make it to birthday parties, to not be stuck in the house, to have *gasp* dates!!! 

Truly we all, kids included, take none of it for granted. 




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  1. Wow! I'm thrilled for you all dear one. However you have been blessed, I'm pretty sure there is only One you need thank. My God continue to bless! Xoxooxxoox