Thursday, May 16, 2013

Freak of nature.

As though Theodore needs to prove that any more thoroughly. This kid, I don't get him. He is a good natured child. A REALLY good natured child. He rarely complains and if he does then something is most definitely wrong.

I really shouldn't complain.

I really have nothing to complain about in that respect.

Oh, did you think I actually wasn't going to complain? You know me so little.

I can't take it!! This kid and his 5 minute naps are enough to drive me crazy. You would think because he has to work harder to breathe, 
etc that he would also sleep just as hard. No. We are lucky to get a 15 minute nap out of this child. 

And that's only if a fly doesn't land on a twig in a mile radius of our house and snap it. Because he will hear it. And he will wake up. And he will cry until you get him. 

This kid.

He doesn't nap. He doesn't let mommy catch a nap. End of story. 

Well, end of chapter anyway. I love the snot out of this boy. (and a lot of the times he takes that to a literal level). He's my booger butt. And that, I suppose, is the end of the story.  

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