Thursday, May 23, 2013

Good news.

I learned something today. Something potentially exciting. The state of Maryland is required to give Theodore what is called a FAPE (free appropriate public education). There are 13 categories, for lack of a better word, that when qualified, put you in a position for this program. He happens to qualify. No surprise, really. 

Okay, but here's the exciting part, people. They are required to meet EVERY need he has. And his disabilities, physical and developmental, cannot DISqualify him. In other words, if his doctor says that he needs a nurse with him at all times then they have to provide that. Including transportation. 

ARE YOU HEARING ME???? This could be the 'break' we have been praying for. Now, of course, there are a lot of details to work out to say the least. And after Ben and I, the number one person to approve this would be Theodore's pediatrician. Who could say that he doesn't think it's a good idea for him to go to school. But here's another cool part - depending on Theodore's needs and development, he could be in a class entirely alone or with just a few kids. AND ON TOP OF THAT, if the doctor didn't want him to go to school for the entire flu season, or say he started to get sick and we needed to keep him home for a week or two, they would have to provide in home services. 

This may not be new news to you, but I am blown away. Every plan for every child is individually made. His plan might not look like anyone elses. He could go to school twice a week or every day. 

I could run an errand.

I could take Israel to an eye doctor appointment.

Theodore will get more intensive care in development.

He'll be socialized.

I could take the kids out to lunch.

The possibilities are endless!!!!!

Now, I see that I am starting to get a little carried away, but I am so hopeful. For the first time, I actually feel really hopeful about what life might hold for this kid. And for the rest of us. 

Don't quote me on anything yet, though. There could always be a hiccup somewhere along the way that totally derails this whole thing. But for right now it's looking good.  

Now, just for your enjoyment, here are some pictures of the always adorable Rambo. And a few from Emma's birthday which just so happened to be Mother's Day this year :)

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