Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer living.

"So," you may be saying to yourself, "Amanda sure is slacking on her blogging lately." 

To you I say... this is true.

"How," you may ask, "is it that during the school year while you are schooling 3 children, have many doctors appointments and a much busier schedule do you manage to blog more than during your current summer break?"


Plain and simple. I am being lazy. We have had quite a few days out and about and we have all been loving, let me say it again - LOVING - not having any school. I've been catching up on quite a few projects that I've had laying around and again I will say that I am just being lazy. Gloriously, wonderfully lazy.

Of course, as you can imagine, Theodore is ALL OVER THE PLACE so he keeps us quite busy per usual. But with no other pressing priorities, it almost seems.... doable. It's lovely. It really is.

Our nursing has been quite regular lately and that has allowed us to get out of the house. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I do no feel in the slightest bit guilty for leaving little man at home. It's nice to have a breather. For us, that is. Every time we get home the nurse makes sure to say that he's had her up and down a million times and she can't take her eye off him for a minute, and that now she is ready for a breather. But she loves him and he is so darn endearing it's hard to be mad at him for long. Of course, it's also not hard to get mad at him quickly because sometimes he can make your life seem like a nightmare. How anyone can do that in 2.2 seconds flat I'm not sure but he has a way about him. As soon as he starts coughing my insides tighten up and words that no one has ever heard come out of my mouth. I'm just being honest here, folks. Ben doesn't even understand why it bothers me so. Maybe no one can understand it, I'm not even sure I understand it. It just does and I don't feel like psychoanalyzing it. So there. 

Get off my back and enjoy a couple pictures from today :)

Checking out a praying mantis.. from both sides of the glass.

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  1. All of the kids reaching for and looking at the bug is SO CUTE!!! Great picture ! Xooxoxox fun memory ;)