Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Those days.

You know those days where you're quietly sitting in your living room and suddenly two bloody children come running inside screaming, one holding the back of her bloody head and the other frantically yelling something about an arrow....


..... me either.

But hypothetically speaking, IF that HAD happened, I'm sure it would have ended with a serious big brother talk about awareness, a not so huge mark on the back of the head (heads are dramatic- they bleed a lot), and then lots of cleaning of hands, heads and floors from what could have looked like a crime scene. Also, I'm sure that had this happened, it would have been discovered that the arrow did not come out of a bow, it just so happened to hit the hypothetically unnamed child just right to cause a huge scare and some pain.

I feel pretty certain there is no good transition into any other topic, so I'm just going to do an about face and move on.

Theodore has been doing extremely well lately. He's had a few minor ups and downs including a necessary dose of steroids, but other than that we have been in the clear. He is CONSTANTLY on the go. He NEVER STOPS. He's broken more humidifier bottles (a necessary piece of equipment) than I can count and has left us in a few predicaments over that. He had a doctors appointment yesterday and all went well. He is still short and still has small feet but he's growing well. Hopefully the braces for his feet that we ordered should be in soon and, theoretically speaking, that should boost his ferver and ability for walking. Again, not sure that's a great idea, but whatever. I do want the kid to walk so hopefully I'll find something that will boost my ferver and ability to keep up with him. 

Other than that, we are enjoying our summer. Hope that you are too!

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  1. Great blog! I laughed, I cried...wait. I just laughed! Good to see you taking it all in stride. That's true mom power. ;). Xooxoxxo