Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm ba-ack.

I said last time I have been one thing and one thing only this past month:


Well, maybe that's not entirely true. I've been lazy towards anything that hasn't been purely required or purely fun. For example, all of the kids school books have been researched, ordered, and received. And that is NEVER fun. At least not for me. Talk about panic attacks. And other than maintaining everyday life that's probably the only thing purely required that I have done. 

Our purely fun list has been much longer; a few projects that I had sitting around have been worked on with much progress, we've had many beach or pool days with the kids, I started running in the mornings again, sleep overs - sleep overs- sleep overs. And the kids- they are swimming under water!!! This is a huge deal. Our poor kids have not been able to be around water much in the last few years, obviously, so they've had a slight fear of it. Which only crushed their father who is at least three quarters fish. But this year they have taken off. We've had two beach days and they literally played in the water the entirety of both days. I'm not talking out in the swells or anything, but getting splashed around and knocked over ALL day. And then the pool. One thing has made a huge difference in their comfort in the water.


I kid you not. I guess it takes away the element of the unknown and these kids who wouldn't even dunk their heads for a split second last year are sitting on the bottom of the pool, waving and spinning around under the water, learning to swim, even just seeing how long they can stay under water. Daddy is happy happy happy. And so are they. And that makes momma happy. 

This summer has been a 'real nice surprise' and I am so thankful.  

Theodore has also taken off this summer, as you can see in the two videos. He's getting taller which now makes him at that table level where he wants anything and everything he can see. He also appears to like learning about Tanks and Armored Vehicles. We haven't had too many issues with him thankfully, other than the random swelling of limbs, which appears to have resolved itself. 

And, man, I thought I was kept busy keeping up with him before. Oy vey, it has just begun. :) There isn't any new news on the school possibility as of yet, but it still looks just as likely. 

My plan is to start getting a little more scheduled so as to have a smooth transition into the school year and keep you all updated on a much more regular basis. 

I hope you are all enjoying your summer as well! 

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  1. Praise God! Kids are happily and fearlessly swimming....Theodore well and growing! One day at a time. School, when its time for school! Right now its fun in the sun summer!! Xoxooxxo