Saturday, September 14, 2013

Let your bodies hit the floor.

You know that feeling you get when your nurse tells you that your son fell out of his high chair? 

Oh, no?

Consider yourselves lucky. It is a sinking feeling. 

But all that being said, he is okay. I'm not quite sure how he did it since he was strapped in. I should say that she is an excellent nurse. She really is. She takes great care of Theodore and always has. She had him in the highchair appropriately and she left for a quick bathroom break. When she got back she found him on his side on the floor. Of course, she screamed and cried and was FAR more upset than Theodore was. In fact, she said he was looking at her like 'What is wrong with you?' with a big smile on his face. 

I asked her to please keep him up for a little while to be safe just in case of a concussion. She didn't let him sleep for the next 6 hours :) She was so concerned, in fact that she never left his side again. By the time we got home he was so grumpy because all he wanted to do was sleep and she ran to the bathroom because she hadn't had another bathroom break all afternoon and evening. We really couldn't ask for a better nurse. Christine has been by his side and ours since the beginning and has seen him through A LOT. Just another thing to add to that list, I guess :) 

Theodore was not harmed in anyway. No bumps or bruises at all. He just keeps going, this boy. I guess if his bad heart and lungs aren't going to kill him then a stinking little fall from a highchair surely isn't going to do it either. Thankfully.     

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  1. Wow!! What a scare, and God bless Christine!!! No one plucks Trt out of Gods Hand! He is Sovereign! Xooxox <><