Tuesday, October 8, 2013


You know those days where you feel like you left your brain in bed?

Where even the planned things surprise you?

Yeah.... it's been one of those days. Actually, if I'm honest it started yesterday. Simple things. Simple stupid things. Like Theodore's incessant coughing throughout the day increasing to the point of constant and you go over in your mind, out loud even, the checklist of things to check and try to help him, and you forget the most basic thing that makes the difference. 

Like setting your alarm for 6PM instead of a.m. and waking up with a sudden start 1 minute before you hear your neighbor pulling in the driveway for your morning run.

Like knowing and forgetting Theodore had an equipment company worker coming today.

Like knowing and forgetting he had a speech therapy appointment directly after that.

Like staring in a mirror for 5 minutes at a necklace with a lower case 'a' on it trying to make the 'a' face everyone correctly.

And then, just now as I type having it fall off because I didn't clasp it correctly. (Now I have to figure it out again... maybe I just won't wear it.)



I am out of energy, out of my mind, and apparently out of luck. 

I need a nap; or a drink; or both. I think maybe I just need this day to be over and to start a new one... right after that nap and gin. 

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  1. Oh my....I HAVE had those days! Like when I stare at my keyboard and determine I willNOT ask my family how to spell the word "tear" because its stupid that my brain has died! Or a fee weeks ago when for the life if me I could not remember the date...oh not just any old date mind you BUT THE YEAR!!!! Lol...you made me laugh. And I love ya! Xoxoox