Sunday, November 3, 2013


A few posts ago I said that we had done assessments for Theodore and he was averaging in the 18 month range developmentally.

I was wrong.

Wah wah wah.

The only area where he is even close to 18 months is socially. Everywhere else he is 10-12 months. 

Old picture. I am not blonde currently and Theodore is not that chunky.
We're all very upset. Okay, not really but I feel a little deflated. I feel like he's been stuck in this range for-ev-er (imagine the boy from Sandlot saying 'forever'). It's true that his skills have been honed and refined, but he hasn't progressed so much in the gap between his skills and his age. 

We went to the school and saw his classroom and now we are waiting for this big meeting where EVERYONE comes and talks about their assessment and it's all formal and weird and we basically decide if the school can make a plan that provides all his needs. We shall see. If, for any reason, the school feels that they cannot meet his needs safely in the school setting then it will be done in our home. I'm open to either option, God knows best.

Now it's time for me to go eat dinner leftovers for breakfast. It's how I do. Enjoy the last day of the weekend! 

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