Monday, February 10, 2014

Take two (and pictures).

We all know that the first day of school for Theodore was less than pleasant for all involved. Here are finally a few pictures quickly snapped from the chaos of that day:

Can you tell the kids woke up early to say goodbye?
Everyone looks so tired. 

They each said a prayer for him before he left.
(That's his wonderful nurse we are SO thankful to have back.)

 And then he hit the bus.
In the rain.
He was not happy about it.

But he made it to school safely.
Although you can tell he wasn't feeling well.

Thankfully today was a much different day.
He got on the bus without too much fuss.
And no crying!

And here he is in his classroom!

His nurse said as soon as she got him out of his wheelchair he immediately crawled over to the table where all his classmates were sitting and pulled himself up to see what they were doing. Not bad for only the second day!

He makes me so proud!

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  1. Thank God! A real answer to prayer. Feel better knowing he was curious and engaged! You go TRT!!! Xoxooxoxox