Monday, February 24, 2014


School has continued and Theodore is LOVING it. He has yet to have a full week of school since he started. His most being 3 days in a week that he has gone. But that is only because of snow and ice and fog and yada yada yada. 

Every morning we get out his wheelchair and he claps. Then he rides up the lift on the bus and he claps and waves to the driver and aid. Then he gets to school, and I hear tell, that he claps and smiles at everyone he passes. I'm still waiting for school to wear him out the way I thought it would. He doesn't take a nap the entire time he's there and except for the occasional nap on the ride home he's awake for several more hours. His nurse is probably more ready for a nap than he is. But I'm not complaining. He is having a grand time and it gives us some quiet at the house. 

Theodore is starting to turn into such a big boy. He's not necessarily doing anything new, but there's a maturity in his actions, you can see him putting things together in his head. 

And he's still just so darn cute.

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