Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Look at him.

Oh look! Oh he's so sweet!

His smile is so great!

Peek-a-boo, Theodore!!

Is he sleeping with a package of wipes in his hand? Yes he is....isn't he adorable?

Isn't he just the most precious thi- NO!! No he is not. 

He is an egg breaking, stair climbing, freezer and stove opening, walking disaster.
He's been home all week thanks to a GI bug that whilst not leave.
Thankfully his mood is good; he doesn't have a fever and everything overall is going well. 
Actually, things are quite well. 
He is totally loving school and he is learning!
Really learning!
His nurse almost made me cry the other day when she was talking about some of the things he is now doing.
Let me share.

They have a bag in his class filled with a few items such as a pumpkin, a leaf, an apple.
They have corresponding posters placed around the room for each item. 
When someone pulls out one of the items the children have to find the correct poster on the wall and point to it. THEODORE IS DOING IT!!! He is purposefully looking and finding the poster to match the item in his hand. 
This is seriously a huge step. 

He makes my heart so happy sometimes... you know, when I don't have to chase him down and pull the raw egg out of his hand.