Monday, December 29, 2014

The honest truth.

You know the saying "No news is good news." And that's the reason things on the blog have been quite quiet. I am happy to say that there isn't anything to report! 2014 has been pretty good to us. Theodore continues to thrive, and with the exception of one bloody trach incident (well 2 actually), there have been no hospital visits or illnesses worth mentioning. He is LOVING school and has a wonderful nurse to care for him there. 

And he is so smart! He is signing more and more and putting multiple signs together. For instance he'll sign "time to eat" or "all done please". He is also learning colors and animals, and really learning them! Tasting things has become quite common for him - he'll take my spoon or fork with the tiniest bit of broth or sauce on it and put it in his mouth and taste the food and, on a whole, he really likes it all. He is also starting to swallow. He's never done that before!!! He is certainly nowhere near proficient but I see him working at it and there's much much much less drool..... tmi? 

His favorite toys at the moment are the metal Hotwheel cars. He LOVES them. But they have to be metal, he doesn't want any of that plastic stuff. They'll keep him occupied for a handful of minutes. He is nearly running at times, although that usually ends in falling over. Walking up steps is becoming easier, however I still tend to have a slight freak out when I find him half way up the stairs at home because coming down has not been mastered yet.

Yeah, all in all, a pretty good year. The other kids are doing very well at school and even I have managed to somehow stay almost organized and on schedule. It's a miracle. 

Okay, so there was some stuff to report - thankfully all good stuff. The real reason I haven't written is because I haven't been able to sit down at the computer. Literally. *hides face in shame* Christmas projects, mail, things that needed to be moved to make room for Christmas things have all been piled up on my computer, my chair and all over the office in general. *whispers shamefully* I've barely been able to open the door. Don't tell my husband. But now it is time to get ahold of this mess (you can see I've already made progress since I'm actually typing something) and start fresh. 

Usually I'm ready to bid farewell to the current year and usher the new one in. However, this year has been one of small changes in the right direction and no disasters for our family personally. I can't say I'm hesitant for the new year to come; I have hope that the small changes will continue and we'll eventually find ourselves saying "Wow, when did we get here?" (in a good way) but 2014 was a blessed filled year for us in ways I could never portray. I look back on it fondly and am in no rush to rush out. 


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