Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fill a book.

I could fill a book- a big book- probably at least the size of one of those Readers Digest Condensed version books- of nursing stories. 

I genuinely have no desire to do this. Mostly for the fact that I am truly grateful for our nurses. And really, there's only one that I have an issue with. Like, I'm not sure how she's actually managed to live this long. It's scarey. But this post is not to throw her under the bus, or talk about how much sense I feel she may be lacking, or express my frustration over a folding door she just cannot figure out. 

This post is purely to announce that it has spilled over into my dreams. My dreams, people. Not that my dreams were anything really worth mentioning before. Usually they are made up of every day lack lustre things- the kind of dreams where you wake up and realize it could have been a reality in a really boring common way. It almost feels like my already overwhelming boring life was extended by 6 or 7 hours. 

Now that I think about it, it's no surprise that this nurse would make an appearance in my dreams. The only 'up' side was that we held no humility, grace, or decency towards her feelings and were able to express how we actually felt. Of course, even in my dream I felt guilty. 


Anyway, only by the grace of God I truly believe, we have had no major incidences. And her coming allows us to get out of the house which we are thankful for.

Moving on.....  here's two pictures of cutie himself before leaving for school this morning.



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