Sunday, February 15, 2015


A few things for this blustery winter day.

#1: I can't recall a better coffee experience than I had this morning. The smell, the warmth, the taste.... everything was exceptionally nice on this cold morning. I'm savoring every second.

#2: I'm out of almost everything. Milk, flour, coffee, cheese, and butter.... what's a girl to do? And I am certainly not heading to the store in this weather. Ben being on night shift means hauling all of the kids with me and I won't risk that. Maybe tomorrow will be a little nicer.... I think we have a few Ramen packs to get us there. 

#3: Yes, I still like Ramen. Thankfully my whole family does so that's a plus. 

#4: Ramen Girl with Brittany Murphy was a good movie. You should check it out.

#5: (No more Ramen, don't worry.) I visited my Grandmother with the kids yesterday. I haven't seen her since the Christmas before last and I'm pretty certain she's only met Theodore twice prior to our visit yesterday. Not that he stood still long enough for her to see him yesterday but, none the less, we were there. I think the five of us wore her out pretty quickly which I feel bad about, but I'm so glad we got to spend some time with her. I love my Granny and wish I could see her more. Love your family, folks. We aren't promised tomorrow. 

#6: I'm not sure whether it's my view of winter or an actual fact, but winter hasn't seemed too terribly bad this year. I know we've had some bitterly cold days. Trust me, I know. But I think overall it's gone by kind of quietly. I usually hate winter and can't fully enjoy fall because I know it means that winter is coming. Just like House Stark. (DON'T SAY ANYTHING. I'VE ONLY SEEN UP THROUGH SEASON 3.) But this year, I decided to embrace to the best of my ability the winter season. It will hopefully be over before we know it, but until then we'll all be huddled in front of our one space heater trying to stay warm. 

#7: Not being able to communicate with Theodore fully is so frustrating at times. He'll come into the room visibly upset and he'll stomp his feet and clap his hands in frustration and I have no idea what is wrong. He has learned to ask for some things but hasn't learned how to sign feelings. I hate not knowing what is going on. 

#8: I would say that developmentally Theodore is around the 24 month mark. He's asking for diaper changes at times and usually needs one when he asks. He is learning his colors, and manners, and is standing from a squatting position. All his therapists and teachers say that he is doing very well and they have seen him grow this school year. 

#9: We have a pulmonary appointment next month and I suspect we will be weaning him off of his oxygen. He is doing really well with little oxygen and I don't think he'll need it full time for much longer at all. What does this mean as far as the trach? Well, in reality, not much at all. Don't get me wrong it is absolutely the first step. And a huge first step at that. And life without oxygen could be much simpler. But we haven't fully broached the whole trach issue yet. What we know is that he has to be able to swallow (which he can't- although I think he's starting to try) and, obviously, his airways need to stay open. As of right now, they still collapse. BUT no oxygen would be AMAZING. I'm not looking too far ahead and just trying to celebrate all the victories. 

#10: The kids found a mouse in their room last night. They screamed at first but then they named him Ralph and are now leaving bread out for him. Not sure I can let that last too long. 


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