Friday, February 13, 2015

Sleep in.

I've never been a huge fan of sleeping in. I am, however, a huge fan of naps. I've taken naps ever since I can remember. In fact, I can recall a particular nap where my mom and sister used a wooden spoon to snap me back to reality when I would not wake from a deep deep sleep for a phone call. (Thanks, guys... still have scars from that...) 

My point is this: I would do anything for a chance to sleep in. In fact, I feel like I live for mornings where Theodore doesn't have school because when that's the case I can roll out of bed just before 8. (Literally roll.) But when he does have school I need to be up and moving and dressed (yuck) and ready by 7. Every morning. And on the weekends I have to be up by 7 because that is when the nurse leaves. So I really don't have the chance to sleep in. 

And I do realize that 7 is not that early. A lot of you are up at 5 or 6 every morning and, basically, that just really stinks. So I don't envy you.

However, it's a catch 22 for me because IF Theodore is home from school, which allows me to sleep in, then our regular routine of schooling the other 3 is completely interrupted and it becomes ridiculously hard to get anything done. It's a lose-lose really. Welcome to adulthood, right?

BUT this morning was the best of both worlds because Theodore didn't have school AND it's a Friday. We don't do school on Friday's. BOOM. I think the universe stood still for a moment. 

Also, I think it should be noted that although Benjamin hates the fact that I take naps sometimes (he calls me an old woman) he's never woken me up with a wooden spoon, MOM. SCARS. :)  

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