Wednesday, October 28, 2015


This morning was pretty momentous. Hang onto your hats, folks, because I got to go to the store by myself. As soon as Theodore was on the bus I rode like a boss in my minivan to Walmart listening to whatever I wanted on the radio as loud as I wanted. And here is the really sad part..... I actually felt like I had a purpose. I had reason to wake up and get dressed. My life had meaning because my chickens and cats needed more food. Also, I was out of coffee. 

My life literally has no purpose. Why get up and get dressed and ready for the day when you go DAAAAAAAAYS without leaving your house? And why leave your house when it takes so much effort to? Sure, you can do it and it'll last for a week or a month or, tops, 3 months, until you realize.... IT DOESN'T MATTER. The world doesn't know or care. Sure, I can make elaborate birthday parties that my children want "more than anything in the world", but to what end? It is forgotten the next day. I'm not kidding- the. next. day. All that time and effort (I'd say money, but who am I kidding... everything is from scratch here) for a blink of the eye. I clean up, I break up fights, I make food, I clean up again, I teach, I reteach, I discipline, I re-reteach, I clean some more, I go to bed. 
And I know what you're thinking - "But nobody else can do your job." Except, here's the thing. People ARE doing my job. A million, maybe a billion times over every day. Every single mom is doing my job. 

It is the most common job in the world.

Tell me that's not a depressing thought. 

It is really sad when the highlight of, quite possibly months is going to Walmart and Tractor Supply at 8am. I mean, they aren't even fun stores. Are you telling me that my purpose in life is to be ignored, underappreciated, and used by the people I'm supposed to be pouring my heart and soul into? And that's it? I don't even get some "me" time or a job where I might actually accomplish something? (Because, let's be honest, raising children never actually accomplishes anything. You face today the same exact things you are going to face tomorrow x 365 x forever  until they move out.) I mean, it'd be laughable if it wasn't so stupid. 

Well, obviously, I'm having a super awesome day and can't wait to step back on the mommy train. Kudos to you moms who have something else to step into even if just for a little while, be it an outside of the house job or outside of the house hobby or gym membership or whatever. Good for you. I mean it. 


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  1. Many moms ARE doing the same job however your job requires only YOU. It is YOUR specialty, you have honed the skills necessary to be fruitful and multiply and breathe life and truth into YOUR children. That is the job, and only you, and you are amazing! Isn't is wonderful to enjoy the little things in life? Even if it is a solo trip to Walmart and Tractor Supply. ��